...Dopo La Nebbia

  • Artist: Simone La Maida
  • Release date: 2008-12-26
  • Label Name: J-Digital
  • Tracks: 6
  • Explicit lyrics: no
  • Barcode: 8032793061250
  • Catalog #: JDG006
  • (P) 2008 J-Digital
  • © 2008 J-Digital
"It is not so easy to find the very first point that helps us grow as we travel our path in life � a path where sometimes we are not able to differentiate the colours or recognize the sounds of the world, a path where we fall in love and where we find friends, a path where sometimes we are full of euphoria and where everything has a sense, perhaps given for granted and with a veil of boredom. We have to wait for the fog to lift and let us see facts and things clearly, so we can once again be amazed by new sights inside and outside us. Everyone has got an instrument to use in their search and to carry on along the path �dopo la nebbia (�after the fog)." [Simone La Maida]
  1. Argento Liquido 7:44
  2. Comunication 6:47
  3. Dopo La Nebbia 7:13
  4. Motociblues 6:30
  5. Pavli' 6:56
  6. Squeezed Banana 9:50