Manu LJ, an impulsive and versatile artist, likes to define herself as a stage-addicted. The stage represents the natural start and end of each of her works. When she was still very young, she founded a band composed of thirteen elements, performing in many cities in Northern Italy and playing jazz, soul, funky and rock music. She struck a chord with her audiences almost immediately thanks to a direct and involving manner during her many live shows.
"The stage is the only place where I can take off the mask I wear everyday".

In 2004 she started cooperating with the producer Alex Bagnoli. The result was their first single "Feel Alright" (2005, New Music Int.), a fresh, optimistic and sunny song included in major dance compilations all over the world, from the U.S.A. to Japan. The year after, the single "Until the Morning" (2006, New Music Int.) confirmed the great skill of this young singer and the gradual passage to pop music. With "Heaven" (2007, Melodica), Manu LJ obtained the title of pop-dance singer.
"Pop-dance music belongs to me because it communicates happiness and carelessness, just what I'm trying to do in my life."

In 2008 she got a degree in foreign languages and, during the same year, she met the Grande Cinema Italiano by Fratelli Vanzina, singing a new and fresh version of the great hit "Un'estate al mare" by Giuni Russo, as the titletrack of the box office hit movie of the same name.
"The only way to get a degree was to write a thesis on music and so I did. I studied the history of English recording industry of the 1960's in order to understand why it was so unique. And on the day of my graduation I received the news about the film. Such a great present."

In 2010 she found herself involved in different projects as a composer for the Chinese music market, producer of eurodance music, author of books on the relationship between music and foreign language learning and promoter of a new musical project for children. This was the background of her song "Dance All Night" (2011, Off Limits Production), "an invitation to live your life, dance, get tired, and not give up in life. Dance music can give good suggestions sometimes!"

The year after, Off Limits released Manu LJ's single "Italia (What a love)".

"That's amore" is her new song, taken from "Fight you way" EP.