J.K. is the stage name of Marta Simlat. Marta was born in Poland, and now lives and works in Italy.
Marta began singing in her native Krakow when she was still at school. She sang in a rock trio called Tino's Band.

She moved to Milan and began sending demos to various producers, exploiting her height (176 cm) and her Nordic looks to work as a model in the meantime. Although she enjoyed modelling, she never lost sight of her ambitions in the field of music.
In 1993, Larry Pigagnoli spots her talent and, together with Davide Riva, the production team famous the world over for successful acts like Whigfield sets to work. The results are quick to arrive: "You Make Me Feel Good" goes to #1 in Canada and performs well in France, Germany, Italy and other European countries also. The second and third singles, "Beat It" and "You and I" perpetuate the JK success story.

The fourth single "My Radio" took Europe by storm and opened the Japanese market for the artist.
After "My Radio" an explosive Megamix was released.

Two more hot dance singles followed, "Sweet Lady Night" accompanied by a sizzling video and "Go On". "Deep in the Night" followed and met with international acclaim.

In 2000 "You got me dancing", produced by Marco 'Pocho' Soncini was released.

After one year of silence, JK came back with her totally new trance single... "Make me feel".