J-Digital was founded with the intention of hosting jazz productions.

It is a label which not only proposes classic jazz, but also searches for new experimental forms.

Artists who have produced works under the J-Digital label are know both nationally and internationally.
Among these are Massimo Manzi (musician in the "Helios" album by the Alessandro Altarocca 4tet and "To Flow In The Jazz" by Al.Ma.Gi.An Jazz 4tet he is one of the most well-known Italian drummers in the world), Andrea Ferrario (saxophone player who recorded the "Volo Notturno" album), the singer Daniela Galli (in "From Winter to Spring", by Luca Savazzi), the saxophone player Tino Tracanna (musician in the "Helios" album) and the pianist Teo Ciavarella (a special guest in Andrea Ferrario's "Volo Notturno" album).

The other artists signed to J-Digital are Michael Losch (with the album "Fine Herbs"), Felice Del Gaudio ("Sur"), Luca Boscagin ("4 Steps") and Simone La Maida ("... Dopo La Nebbia").