Cloud n�9

  • Artist: Sandy Chambers
  • Release date: 2010-06-16
  • Label Name: Off Limits
  • Tracks: 6
  • Explicit lyrics: no
  • Barcode: 8032793062011
  • Catalog #: OFF076
  • (P) 2010 Off Limits
  • © 2010 Off Limits
Do you remember those pics? They were taken in studio while Favretto and Sandy were working on a new song. Now it�s time to listen to "Cloud n�9", the track produced by Favretto and sung by Sandy Chambers. The release, available on iTunes, Beatport, junodownload and so on, contains a remix by Samuele Sartini � top Italian dj and producer. Click here to watch the promo video!
  1. Cloud n9 (Favretto Extended Remix) 5:53
  2. Cloud n9 (Samuele Sartini Extended Remix) 5:16
  3. Cloud n9 (Favretto Edit Remix) 3:52
  4. Cloud n9 (Samuele Sartini Extended Instrumental Remix) 5:16
  5. Cloud n9 (Favretto Extended Instrumental Remix) 5:53
  6. Cloud n9 (A Cappella Fx) 3:51