Daniela Galli, a.k.a. "Dhany", thanks to her voice, is considered one of the best singers of the dance scene. She is the writer and performer of internationally successful tracks such as "Somebody to touch me" (KMC feat. Dhany), "Street life" (KMC feat. Dhany), "Dha Dha Tune", "Quiero Reaspirar", "SHUT UP" and "I wanna be free" (Mumm feat. Dhany). In 2001 she reached number 1 in the UK club charts and high positions in the sales charts with the song "I feel so fine", by KMC featuring Dhany.
"I feel so fine" also had great success in the the USA snd other territories.

In 2004 Dhany appeared in the Benassi Bros debut album "PUMPHONIA" (Gold record in France) with the song "Hit my heart" which was very successful in France, Indeed it reached numer 1 in the official club charts, fourth place in the singles sales chart and it was the most played track on NRJ, the most popular commercial radio in France.

In 2005 Benassi Bros came out with a new album: "...PHOBIA" (Gold record in France) The first three singles from the album, "Make me feel", "Every single day" and "Rocket in the sky" reached high positions in the Club and sales charts in France and other territories in Europe.

Dhany's latest single is "Let it go", from her new album "Emotions".