Benassi Bros is a project born from the meeting between the creative flair of Off Limits and the know-how of Energy Production along with the artists Benny and Alle Benassi.

Benny Benassi is a dj who, when he isn't in the studio, spins records in premiere clubs all over the world. His dj style is kinda electro, sort of house-tec, dirty and cool, sweaty and smooth.

Alle Benassi is a studio producer. He spends half his time in front of a computer screen generating the world's most wicked bass riffs and the other half blowing his saxophone in Europe's hippest jazz clubs.

Alle and Benny have been working together for years now. Their first production success was as KMC and the track, called "I Feel So Fine", with vocals by Dhany, went to #1 in the UK club charts and hit the top 30 in the sales charts, too.

The Benassi Bros. debut album "PUMPHONIA" went double gold in France and was a huge hit in Russia.

The first single from the album, I"llusion", featuring Sandy, shot up club and sales charts in Europe, staying in the # 1 spot in the French official club chart for over a month.

The second single, "Hit My Heart", featuring vocals by Dhany, also went to #1 in the French official club chart and to #4 in the singles sales chart. In 2004 it was the most played track on NRJ, the trendsetting commercial radio station in France.

The project has gone down really well in the USA, Canada and Eastern European countries too.

2005 brought a new album "...PHOBIA" that reached the gold status award with 100.000 unit sold and #9 in official sales charts in France.

The first three singles extracted from "...PHOBIA", "Make me feel", "Every single day" and "Rocket in the sky" (performed by Dhany), were sales and club chart smash hits in France and made big waves and other major European territories, as well as in Russia.
"Feel Alive" (feat. Sandy), also extracted from "...PHOBIA", lingered in the Billboard Airplay Dance Chart (USA) for 19 weeks.