Pochill is the moniker under which top Italian guitarist and producer, Marco Soncini, chills.
Famous for his dance-pop hits like "2 Times" (Ann Lee) and "Tu es foutu" (In-grid), this is a chance to experience the subtler side of his work in the ambit of chill-out and lounge music.

His album "Nothing but the hill" mixes Latin influences with electronica and beautiful, haunting melodies. It includes "Porqué", "Violet Theme" and "Stay", music that has found its way into countless soundtracks and compilations.

Marco is a talented guitar player (his favourite artists among others are Pat Metheny and Mark Knopfler). The guitar is heavily featured in his recordings and now that he is taking the Pochill project on tour, there is a unique opportunity to see and hear his guitar-work live with a selection of some of the most talented singers and musicians on the scene.