Off Limits Music & Publishing was founded as a dance music production company at the beginning of the 90’s, established by Alfredo "Larry" Pignagnoli.
In the 80’s, Larry had produced "Easy Lady", "Call Me", "Every Girl and Boy". These tracks made Ivana Spagna (then simply known as "Spagna") famous all over the world.
"Saturday night" was the first song produced by Larry for Off Limits: this song went to the highest positions in world sales charts and allowed Whigfield to enter in the Guinness Book of World Records, as she was the first non-English artist to go straight to number one in the UK singles chart.
Success has continued ever since

Larry was also the producer of “Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi, “2 Times” (Ann Lee), “Tu es foutu” by In-Grid as well as Benassi Bros’ tracks “Illusion” and “Hit my heart”.

In 2004 Off Limits became an indipendent label. The first acts signed were Favretto, Edun, Channing, Pochill, D-Bag and Mobbing
In 2008 Off Limits  produced  Alle and Benny Benassi’s  Grammy Award winning remix of "Bring the noise" by Public Enemy.

The recently created new labels span over the varied and multifaceded production flow: Off Limits (dance), Q-Lab (club), Flat frog (electro-funk), Minimoff (minimal), J-Digital (jazz), Labelle (international pop) and Mito (italian pop).

Below is a partial account of the charts results achieved over the last two decades. Many chart positions and awards have been omitted for the sake of brevity.

Fun Fun “Happy Station”
Gold Disc in Scandinavia, double Gold in South Africa
Fun Fun “Colour my Love”
Gold Disc in Holland and Scandinavia
Spagna “Dedicated to the Moon” (LP)
Over 500.000 records sold
Spagna “Easy Lady”
Over 2 million records sold all over the world. Italy’s biggest selling single in 1986, reached number ONE in Italy. # 2 in the Swiss Singles Chart, # 4 in the French SNEP Singles Chart, #12 in the German Singles Chart, #30 in the Austrian Singles Chart and #62 nella UK Singles Chart.
Spagna “Call Me”
Over 3 million records sold all over the world – number 2 in UK and Italy, in top 75 in UK for 12 weeks running
Spagna “Every girl and boy”
Reached number 3 in Italy, top 20 in UK.
Whigfield “Whigfield 1” (LP)
Gold Disc in Canada, Philippines and India; Platinum in South Africa
Whigfield “Saturday Night”
Platinum in Germany and UK; Gold in Canada and Scandinavia and many more!
This record went straight to number ONE in UK in 1994 and stayed there for 4 weeks selling over a million copies. Whigfield is in the Guiness Book of Records as the first non-English pop artist ever to go straight to number one in the UK with a debut single. Saturday Night was the second biggest selling single in UK in 1994 behind ‘Love is all around us’ by Wet Wet Wet. Also number ONE in Spain for 11 consecutive weeks and number ONE in Germany and Italy as well as numerous other countries.
Whigfield “Another Day”
Top 10 UK and elsewhere
Whigfield “Think of You”
Top 10 UK and elsewhere
Whigfield “Sexy Eyes”
number ONE in Australia, chart positions in many territories
JK “You Make me feel”
Number 1 in Canada
KMC feat. Dhany “I feel so fine”
Top 30 UK singles +number 1 UK and top 10 Usa dance charts
Ann Lee “Dreams” (LP)
Hit single: “2 Times”
Platinum in Australia, Denmark, Belgium, New Zealand, Gold in Uk, Austria, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, France.
GambaFreaks “Down Down Down”
N° 1 UK Dance Charts
In-Grid “Rendez-vous” (LP)
Number ONE in South Africa
In-Grid “Tu es Foutu/You Promised me”
#1 in Greece, #1 in Sweden, #2 in Holland, #4 in Belgium, Top 10 in Italy, #1 Airplay in Russia, Top 10 in Spain and Germany; over forty weeks in the official German sales charts. The English version (You Promised Me) Top 10 in Australia and in the Billboard club charts USA
Benny Benassi presents The Biz “Hypnotica” (LP)
Double Gold in France
Benny Benassi presents The Biz “Satisfaction”
#5 in France and top 20 for 20 weeks, Gold record; # 2 in UK, in top 20 for 6 weeks; excellent sales and chart results in Germany and Australia and many minor territories.
Benny Benassi presents The Biz “Able to love”
Top 20 in France.
Benassi Bros feat Sandy - Hit single: “Illusion” and “Feel Alive”
“Feel Alive” stayed in the Billboard Airplay Dance Chart for 19 weeks.
Benassi Bros feat Dhany - Hit single “Hit my heart” and “Every single day”
Both the track stayed in the Billboard Hot Dance Club Airplay and in the in the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart for more than 10 weeks.
Benassi Bros “Pumphonia” (LP)
Gold in France
Benassi Bros “...Phobia” (LP)
Top Ten Album Sales Chart in France and Gold in France
Channing “Bootsy Bootsy Boom”
Hit the top 20 official Spanish single chart
Edun “Put them up” (“Put ‘em up”)
Reached top 10 in the Official German Dance Chart and #2 on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay Chart.
Public Enemy “Bring the noise” [Benny Benassi Remix]
Grammy awarded Remix
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