Path Of Gods

  • Artist: Pochill
  • Release date: 2020-10-30
  • Label Name: Cool d:vision
  • Tracks: 9
  • Explicit lyrics: no
  • Barcode:
  • Catalog #:
  • (P) Cool d:vision
  • © Cool d:vision
"Path of Gods" is an album Pochill dedicated to Italy and his family.

"Path of Gods" is actually a clifftop trail that really exists in the Amalfi's coast (Italy). It was so named because the gods used it to come down to the sea and meet the sirens who enticed Ulysses with their singing.
But there's another "Path of Gods" in Italy. It's a walking route that connects Piazza Maggiore in Bologna to Piazza della Signoria in Florence and its so named as it passes through mountains and places that have names of ancient pagan divinities.

Enjoy this trip with us.
  1. A Long Way To Go 0:00
  2. Born From F.R. 0:00
  3. Father 0:00
  4. For Elèna 0:00
  5. Marea Neagra 0:00
  6. Run For Me 0:00
  7. Start 0:00
  8. Talk Tomorrow 0:00
  9. War 0:00