Riccardo Marchi (also known as Reech, Auxman and D-Bag) is a producer since the 2008. He is under contract with Flat Frog and produce full time. His sound embraces many genres, from Electro House to Indie Dance with Punk influences.
His project is supported by many artists such as Gigi Barocco, Mustard Pimp, Foamo, Blazee Tripp and many others.
December 2009 saw the release of "My Brother Was A Rockstarter", highly acclaimed track among international artists such as Steve Aoki and Foamo.
In May 2010, "Milk" an electro-house / electro-funk track sang by Naan and supported by Don Rimini ("Calverton Remix ***"), Mustard Pimp, Blaze Tripp ("Big release! Huge!") and StereoHeroes ("Great release") - went out. "Milk" was remixed by Gigi Barocco, Calvertron and Pelussje and it entered in the Beatport electro-house chart.
In July 2010 Riccardo has begun a collaboration with Power Francers. Together, they produced "Pompo nelle casse" (#8 in the Italian iTunes Dance Chart and the third video most viewed in Italy in January 2011), "Mamma", "Lei che lo vuole" and "Stile".
In 2013 "Pompo nelle casse" (with more than 9millions views on YouTube) got the Gold Disc in Italy (GFK/FIMI).
Riccardo has recently released "Pong" (supported by Judge Jules in his Global Warm Up), "Behind These Words" (supported by Eddie Temple Morris on XFM and Kiss FM 87.6 Australia) and Swiss Hide ep.

Now Riccardo is a BBTeam' member, the italian-based trio originated in 2018 thanks to Benny Benassi.