2 Speck is a production duo from Italy.

Following their highly appreciated debut production “Left to right” (in the Canadian charts), they released three tracks on digital stores, “Sick”, "Autobanner" and “Kompletely alive”, ingeniously pitched on the blurred border between trance and progressive house, confirming their creative talent and taste.

After a break, they've recently produced "Desiom" (sampled in Favretto ft. Ann Lee's track "I Get The Feeling"), "Seven Words" and "J Pack SP".

"Eleven Six SP" is their latest ep.

Latest news

07.07.2010 Eleven Six SP

The duo 2 Speck presents "Eleven Six SP", an ep...

21.01.2010 J Pack SP

On Q-Lab, label of Mobbing and Channing, a new release...

17.12.2009 Seven Words

Follow 2 Speck on a musical trip though a series...

04.12.2009 Desiom

Here is the latest release from the duo 2Speck. Its...

04.12.2008 AUTOBANNER

2Speck used us to a more progressive genre, but now...

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