Savva (aka Marco Savaresi) was born in Cremona (Italy) in 1981. He has begun his musical trip at the age of 8, when he entered at conservatory.
His devotion to Chopin and Bach has been replaced by different music genres, such as Techno and electro, thanks by Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Bjork, Fatboy Slim, Apollo 440, Dj Shadow, Aphex Twin, Dj Hell influences.

In 1999, Savva has begun his dj career and he played on the same stage with Crookers, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Riva Starr, Gtronic, Congorock, Gigi Barocco, Dr. Lektroluv, Sebastian, Haezer, Tom Deluxx, Reset!, Belzebass, Pelussje, The S, WashMe BrushMe, Cyberpunkers and Daddy G.

Some years later, together with Manos, he formed the “Green Cable”, an electronic music production duo where they merged guitars, strings and wind instruments with the electro sound.

In 2011, Savva has become part of Off Limits/Flat Frog roster and he produced some singles in the electro-pop-dance genre (under “Les Trashick” name).

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