Caterina ‘Katerfrancers’ Di Sciascio was born in 1989 in Chieti and she has approached the music when she was a child; her first passion was for the hip hop, rap and RnB genres.
“I don’t remember when I’ve begun to sing. Actually, I don’t remember a moment where I wasn’t singing! (Caterina)”.

At the age of 11, Caterina has met Antonio and Davide (Power Francers) and together they have begun to create music, trying to mix Power Francers’ rap with Caterina’s vocals. Some years later, the trio approached the “french touch”-“electro funk” genre and they did the song “A peace in the work”, where Caterina sings in French.
“The idea was to create something similar to Uffie’s and Peaches’ tracks. (Caterina)”.

In 2010 Caterina, together with D-Bag and Power Francers, recorded “Pompo nelle casse”. The video of the song has become a real cult on YouTube and the track reached TOP10 in the Italian iTunes dance chart.
“I was really surprised ‘cos I’ve discovered that I’m also able to do some rap. (Caterina)”.

In March 2011 went out Katerfrancers’ ep “Bonita” and in July of the same year, she performed at Campovolo 2.0 as opening act for Ligabue, in front of more than 100.000 persons.

In September 2011 Katerfrancers released “Lei che lo vuole”, a single produced by Power Francers & D-Bag and remixed by Big Fish and Two Fingerz. Thanks by the video of this song, in November 2011 Katerfrancers was the artist of the week on MTV New Generation.

In the beginning of 2012, Katerfrancers featured on Ghemon’s track “Qualcosa per te” (TOP 10 in the Italian iTunes Hip Hop & Rap Chart), while Power Francers collaborated with Club Dogo in “La fine del mondo” song.

After being nominated for MTV/TRL Awards, in the Best New Generation category, Power Francers opened the MTV’s event in Florence (Italy), in front of 30.000 people.

In September 2012, Power Francers’ first album went out on EMI Music and it quickly reached the TOP 20 in the Italian album selling chart. The release of the LP was anticipated by three singles “Mamma” (soundtack of the Italian TV program “Mammoni -chi vuole sposare mio figlio?”), “Issima” and “Stile”.

The 2013 has begun with some great news: the track “Pompo nelle casse” got the Gold disc in Italy and Power Francers remixed the song “L’uomo più semplice” by italian pop/rock star Vasco Rossi.

In June of the same year, the track “Io vorrei” went out.

Then, they released “Dolce And Gabbana”. Style is important for Power Francers and they dedicated a song to their ‘obsession’. “D&G is a famous brand and it is synonym of ‘made in Italy’. But - for us - is also the italian dream: believe in our roots and in our passions to export our music” - Power Francers said.

In 2014, thanks by a THISGASTHING idea, Power Francers shook the web once again with “Prendo Il Volo” video: they filmed a fake robbery and they put on the web - as anonymous - the different robbery’s subjective. The videos got more than 800.000 views in a few day.

Then “Schiaccio Play” went out, a song where hip hop and electro merges with the 20’s sound. The video is a freak show, with clown, drag queen and the bearded lady. It’s Power Francers’ circus!

On August of the same year, Katerfrancers collaborated with EMA STOKHOLMA on “Mon Amour”. Then she released "Sabato Sera" and ”Master Trash” with Power Francers.

"Profumo" is latest Katerfrancers' single.

Power Francers (and Katerfrancers) “never-ending tour” has reached the most important clubs and venues in Italy, Switzerland, Croatia and Russia.

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