Auxman is a very young and upcoming Dj and Producer.
In 2010 he produced "Ambe" (out on Q-Lab) and "Can't Touch" (Off Limits).
"Ambe" is a different instrumental track, really easy.
The atmosphere of "Can't touch", due to Auxman's peculiar arrangements and Naan's sensual voice, is at the same time catchy and original.
In November 2010, "Dancing With Myself" went out on Flat Frog label. The release contained Aniki's remix.
One month later, Auxman produced "Go!", a very indie track, a little bit distant from the strictly "4 to the floor" scene, but always with the aim of entertainment.

Latest news

10.12.2010 Go!

"Go!" is an indie track performed by Naan...

23.11.2010 Dancing With Myself

"Dancing with myself" is Auxman's latest release. With its...

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