Sannie Carlson (best known as Whigfield) is the name of a lady with Danish origins who decided to make a mark in the history of pop-dance music by selling millions worldwide.
In 1994 she gained a place in the Guinness Book of Records with the song "Saturday Night" as the first artist to go straight to number one in the UK singles chart with a debut single. Her discography is extremely impressive including numerous hit singles all over the world & four studio albums, a career spanning over a decade which for a pop-dance act is extremely unusual.
After many years on stage Sannie has decided to concentrate on the other side of the music industry, writing & composing for other artists in the business, both DJs & singers with names such as the Grammy winner Benny Benassi, Adam K, Ann Lee and In-Grid.
Her latest release is the album called �All in One�, which includes ten of her smash-hits (all re-sung and re arranged) plus the cover of �Right in the night� (the famous track from Jam & Spoon) and one completely new song called �Rainbow�.
In 2009, while Whigfield was recording a new project, the track �No Doubt� come out.
In 2011, she starred in Oral Tunerz� track �To Feel Alive�, while in 2012 Whigfield released her new album W.

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