Marco Fratty from F.P.I. Project is now part of Off Limits Rights. Welcome!

F.P.I. Project has been born from an idea of Marco Fratty (F), Corrado Presti (P) and Roberto Intrallazzi (I) at the end of the '80s.
In 1990 their single Rich in Paradise/Going Back To My Roots reached the TOP10 in Germany, Austria, UK and Switzerland, introducing the Italo-house genre to the club world. The sound was instantly recognizable: huge piano samples, shouty vocals, a racing beat. All those elements made up most of the F.P.I. Projectís singles: Risky, Everybody (All over the World), Letís Go, Come On (and Do It).

F.P.I. Project continued to climb up the house music charts and the hearts of all the clubbers with their parallel project TC.

Nowadays, Marco Fratty continues is producer career and he is keeping the audience kicking and jumping with the beloved oldskool tunes all around Europe!