Welcome to Raffaele Riefoli on Off Limits Rights.

Raffaele is an Italian singer-songwriter who is better known as simply Raf. His career has begun in the 80's, with the tracks Self Control, Change Your Mind, London Town and I don't want to Lose You, all taken from his first album Raf. Self Control topped the European charts (#1 in Italy and Switzerland, #2 in Germany, Top 10 in Austria and Top 40 in France) and it has kicked off Raf's long and prolific career.

In 1987 Raf (and Umberto Tozzi) participated at Eurovision Song Contest, reaching the third place with the song Gente di mare.

In Italy, he took part to Sanremo festival and Festivalbar winning this in 1989 with Ti Pretendo, in 1993 with Il Battito Animale and in 2001 with Infinito (premio radiofonico).